Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hi there! This week has been mildly crazy (If that's even possible). I worked 71/2 hours since last Wednesday, and had lots of homework (including another biology test). Hannah had a v-ball tournament (state) this weekend and she has another one (Nationals) this next weekend! We're heading down to Omaha on Thursday night to watch them play...pictures will be coming!!!=)

In art we've been doing charcoal!!! It's really messy and smears really easily.=)   Today we drew pumpkins, although mine didn't look right...something about the shape was a little off.

This year I decided to take guitar and in a few weeks I'll get Christmas music! I'm super excited about that!!! My hands are getting sore though from stretching to attempt to play the strings. Last week my string broke, and it kind of hurt because it snapped in my face while I was tuning it. I've been a little hesitant about tuning.

Biology has been...well, hard. This module is really hard. There are tons of definitions (45 to be exact) and I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed....Thankfully, there are deadlines, or else I'd be stuck on it the entire year!

And finally: KITTEN UPDATE!!! Okay you probably think I'm obsessed, and that's because I am. I love small cutely creatures, and they're getting cuter by the day. Sorry if I'm boring you, but their just SSSSSOOOOOO CUTE! Even Hannah, (animal not-so-much liker) says their adorable, and even goes out to pet them. I've been trying to convince her to keep one (so we don't have to give them all away) but she's not to keen on the idea.  =(

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Week in the Life of Random Me.

Hello there again! This week volleyball ended for the season (*sniff sniff*) kind of excited for the extra time I'll have! I think it will be nice to have some more free time in my schedule. We've also had my great aunt and uncle here this week, and I kind of feel sorry for them...we haven't had that much time (between sports and activity's) to entertain them!
 I’m also excited because I'm almost finished with the Fellowship of the Ring, and it's taken me a while to get through. I'm almost ready for the Two Towers!!!! I've found its lots easier to listen to than to read! I've been listening to them while I do my art assignments and also while I work.
Another topic: School. I’ve done a little better with not procrastinating, but I’ve still been doing it.  I’m just tired of school I guess! We have a biology test this week (*groans*) that I really need to study for. (it’s a harder module!) I’m not really looking forward to the next module though because it’s supposedly the hardest in the book. (According to Hannah)
Hannah is at a state volleyball tournament this weekend, and I’m at home with Blaize and my dad=( I’m the “mom” helping Blaize with school (*sighs*) and I’m beginning to wonder if he’s ADD or something! (ugg!)
And one last subject: Kittens! They're cuter than ever and are starting to walk. This one can walk now, but the chubby one (Bomber) is still trying to figure it out. They've figured out how to climb out of the box. We started holding them about 2 weeks ago and they're starting to get more used to being handled. I still haven't named this one, so any idea's would be much appreciated!=)
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My week

Hello there again! I’ve been up to…well school. I haven’t been at all motivated though to get it done. I finish in about 2-3 times longer than I should, because I get distracted more easily. Today I finished my art assignments (drawling with charcoal) and it was okay. My hands still have black marks all over them. I never realized just how messy charcoal is! I’ve found something to make the time pass faster though—books on tape! It’s much better than sitting there in silence drawing! I’m listening to the Fellowship of the Ring and am at the Counsel of Elron. I like the books so far a lot. It’s so much easier listening to it instead of reading them!

     I’m kind of overwhelmed with biology. The module we’re on right now is about (beginning) chemistry (yeah, I know. Ironic right?) It’s totally gone over my head. I’ve enjoyed biology moderately so far but this module is awful. I really like our teacher and all, but I don’t think chemistry is my thing!

Yes, I can’t blog without mentioning the kittens! (sorry if I’ve been boring you to death!) I’ve decided to temporarily name them:
This is Bomber. He's (or she, I can't tell yet) is the biggest of them all. He (or she) eats almost non- stop and is always shoving his/her siblings out of the way.
This is Peep. He/she's always making small chirping like a bird. She is always peeping (get it???) over her siblings to look at the world around her/him.
This one is learning to walk first. She's quite adventurous and I named her but I forgot the name. (ahem) I know it started with an "s" and had something to do with  being adventurous. Any help here? If you have ideas for it let me know!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Random Ramblings of....me!

Hello there again! I’ve been pretty busy this week, I have a few tests/quizzes but it hasn’t been too bad so far. I had three volleyball games yesterday and practice today, so it’s been hard to squeeze in school, but hey, that’s what Saturday’s for! (Not really, it was a joke!) I have (sad as it may be) been doing lots of school over the weekend. I keep finding it increasingly harder to motivate myself to get it done. I don’t manage my time well, and that’s the majority of my problem. (ugg)

                As I was saying, we had three volleyball games on Tuesday. I typically play an outside hitter, but since we were beating a team handily our coach decided to change it up a bit. Bethany played a 2 (middle hitter) and I got to play setter!  I was pretty excited, and now I have a much bigger appreciation for setters! Ya’ll are awesome!=)

                The kittens are doing well, and they give me a chance to practice photography (when Missy will let me close to them!) which I’m enjoying!  They’re better to photograph because they don’t move very fast because they can’t walk yet. I didn’t get a chance to take very many today. Missy didn’t like the camera inches away from her kittens, which (I guess) I understand. Here’s one of my favorites:


They’re sooo adorable now that they have their eyes open.  I haven’t held them yet (I don’t want my cat to reject them) but I think we’ll be able to pick them up within the next week or so. (!!!)
Thanks so much for reading! Until next time,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Week Highlights!

Hello there! I’ve been super busy with homework and volleyball.  It seems like there will never be a moment of peace! We ( my team and I) had a volleyball tournament yesterday, and that was super fun.  We ended up getting second out of five teams, so I think we did fairly well. =)

      Last night my mom and I watched North and South (well the first half of it anyway) and it was a lot of fun.  

     The kittens that were born two weeks ago are opening their eyes. It’s sooo adorable! They’re bright blue eyes and its extremely cute. My dad still doesn’t think they’re very cute. Okay, that’s not exactly 100 percent true, but he did say the only cute thing about them was their faces. He said the rest of their body’s looked like rats. (You can judge for yourselves!)=)  They still can’t walk yet, but they move by lying on their stomachs and by almost making swimming movements with their little arms! It’s kind of cute, and kind of pitiful if you know what I mean. Since it getting so cold at night, she (missy my cat) moved the kittens from the concrete floor to the insolated box. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took.  They aren't very good, and I couldn't get one with their eye's wide open because they were napping when I went out there. Oh well, maybe next time! 
The brown one is kind of the runt of the ones that survived. I hope she/he makes it!

The one with it's eyes open (above) is the really biggest of the litter.

This one (above) is the runt.

No, I haven't named them yet. Any ideas? I'd love help! I can't think of any that really suit them.
     The weather has been absolutely amazing out (I love this time of year!) The leaves are just starting to turn yellowish brown and it went down to 40 degree’s last night (or something like that anyway.) and it’s like sixty degree’s out right now (oh how I love fall!)