Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Procrastination! Ekk!

Update! On this blog I'll be rotating every other week between writing poems, and also, attempting the "take a picture a day" challenge. I'll post one week's worth of photo's one week and a poem the next!

So I said I'm writing a poem a week because I want to improve. It's late because I have procrastinated on writing it and doing school (ahem, *cough cough*) Thus, I am commemorating this poem to my lifelong friend. Procrastination: Thanks for the memories of all-nighters, sleep deprivation, and despair of stressing.

The worst of enemies, best of friends
Whispers soothing lies
“Do it later! You know you can!”

Oh how I loathe his company
When time is ticking out
My stress brewing like coffee
While I sit there, stressing out!

 He’s a very loyal friend…
Until a deadline hits
Then he flees my company
And tells me “just deal with it.”

So today I’m going to tell him.
It’s time to say goodbye
But wait…how will I go on?
When he’s such a part of my life?

Dear Procrastination
Just leave my life! Goodbye.
Goodbye old foe of sleep!
You thought you were so sly!

But wait…I hear a noise.
I thought I was alone!
Procrastination’s angry for revenge
And has sent over his cousin—Postpone!

Ironically, I procrastinated while writing this. :) I hope I made you laugh, or snort, or chuckle a bit. Maybe I helped you to procrastinate on what you needed to be doing! I need to stop procrastinating on school-work, so.............................goodbye!








Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Poem :)

Finally, I got around to writing another poem. I've decided I'm going to try to write a poem a week, because it's something I really enjoy and would like to get better at. Hopefully I won't bore you all!   Next week I'll write a funny one ;)
The storm swelled.

Thunder cracking, vibrating the land.

The sky darkened.

The wrath of God--his mighty hand.


Fulfilled the prophecies of old

To ransom the captured soul

By sending His precious Son

To bear the sin of the world.


Angles mourned,

Grieving the distress of their Maker.

Hands extended,

Creator nailed to His creation.


Beads of sweat pouring down

Searing cries of anguish

All for those who had the pride

To murder the God of Heaven


How can it be?

The rebel now claims

The right to be cleansed

And forgiven from shame?

Why did he come?

To be murdered, disgraced

And mocked by the ones

He came to save?


Water, blood.

A spear in His side

The King of Heaven

Is paying the price of my pride.


The promised One,

Son of the most-high God

Lowered into a hopeless grave

Buried under the sod


Oh for the tears of sorrow

Of those who loved Him most

Fleeing now in terror

Doubting the slightest hope.

Yet the grave had not power

Death not control

To bind the King of Heaven

Or to throw him off His throne


How can it be?

The rebel now claims

The right to be cleansed

And forgiven from shame?

Why did He care?

What love can this be?

This mighty king

Has given His life for me.


My sin has lost the battle

Defeated and utterly slain

Jesus of Nazareth—Son of God

Has conquered the sin that enslaved


Oh or the joy of the ransomed sinner

Whose burdened life--set free

May I ever live for Jesus

And serve the only King.
Thanks for reading!