Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summers End

Hello there! I’m starting up my blog again and if this is your first time on here, than be prepared for some extremely random blog posts!

Yes, it's still hot out, but summer is coming to an end. School has started up again and so has volley-ball, football, guitar and piano. It didn't really feel like summer this year (except for the hotness factor) because this summer has been really busy, and I didn't exactly get the long anticipated break I was hoping for. Along from doing math and history this summer, I also went to an intense 2 week training camp (CYIA, also known as Christian Youth In Action) which equips you to teach 5-day bible clubs. After camp, we went on a vacation up to NJ for one week to a family reunion. Then after coming home for about a week, we headed out to IN for my Grandpa's 80th Birthday party. The summer concluded with rushing around wildly, trying to get procrastinated 4-H projects done (with a few v-ball practices in between), going to CO for a few days with my family while my dad worked there, teaching 2 five- day clubs, finishing up a Danial bible study, (by Beth Moore) and the grand finale’? A weekend volley-ball tournament in Kansas City. =) It wasn't the most relaxful summer I've ever had, but I'm excited to get back into the normal daily routine!