Monday, March 30, 2015

Thinks I Aspire To Do, But Have Never Actually Done

 Have you ever had a bunch of things you would like to do, but you never really get around to? Join the band wagon. This here, sister, is one thing I struggle with. I make all these resolutions to change, which never actually come to be a reality in my life. Why? Because I can't change on my own. I guess this is something I've been realizing lately, ya know? I am so incompetent of doing anything good in my life, then I get discouraged, depressed--call it what you like--instead of turning to the One who can actually CHANGE me. I'm learning that changing happens not when I hold onto my struggles, and try in vain to mold myself, but when I hand my struggles over to God, and cry out "HELP...!"
I seem to learn this lesson over and over, and over, and will continue to be taught this for the rest of my life! I still am struggling, falling...failing. Thanks be to Jesus, who is still there, picking me up, and taking me by the hand!
Anyway, here is a list of thing I would eventually like to do (They aren't all serious. Some are actually quite stupid, but I still want to do them sometime in my life... I guess you could call this a kind of bucket list. Pictures are from Pinterest (you know, that website you go on for hours with all those cool ideas, that you never get around to doing!) * insert a smiley emoticon, because I can't figure out how to do that, and don't want to take the time to figure it out*
 Please note, these are not in any sort of order, just whatever I feel like doing at the moment.

-Go on an Adventure
A whole website created for road trips.  You can enter your destination and city you are leaving from and find all kinds of stuff along the way.
I'm terrified of heights, despise spiders, and have an fear of mice, and insects...etc. Yup, I'm a city slicker. I guess the kind of adventure I have in mind is a road trip, or camping trip. Maybe through some hiking in the mix, and I'd be pumped! I guess you could say I'm kind of like a version of Bilbo Baggins (although not half as brave, witty, or really any of his characteristics except the cowardly part). But I would like to go on a slightly dangerous, but mostly safe adventure. (Is that even a thing?)

-Drink Coffee Black...and Enjoy it.

Cardamom Coffee - add cardamom pods to coffee in grinder for a unique spicy coffee
I think coffee is an acquired taste, thus, I have resolved (not really) to start drinking it more with less added sugar/milk. I had a cup today, and didn't add any sugar, and *drumroll* enjoyed it. It's working you guys!

-Be A Hermit For a Week.
Featured in Architectural Digest, this potbelly stove and built-in bed at a cabin hideaway in Montana seems like the perfect respite from the busy modern world.
Before you get freaked out, let me explain! I think it would be fun to go to the mountains and find a cozy cabin to spend the week in alone. I like being alone sometimes to think, and maybe to just be there, out of the hubbub and stress of normal, everyday life would be really refreshing. Pack a few books, Bible, and a couple movies...and walah! Dream land! =) Maybe not alone...that would be kind of scary. Maybe bring a person, and have them close by... can you tell I'm not very adventurous?

- Keep My Room Clean on a Regular Basis...

messy bedroom-8 Ways to De-Clutter Your House and Re-Master Your Life!
Ya'll, I'm a messy person who likes to be organized. (Why did I write Ya'll? I'm not Southern! Oh dear. That was my natural instinct...scary. No offense to Southern people.) It drives me crazy sometimes (the room, not writing like I'm Southern!) I need to get into the habit of cleaning up after myself, 'cause it's not gonna clean itself up on it's own!

#5 Get into the Habit of Praying Continuously

Scriptures for the Brokenhearted - if you or a loved one is struggling, pray Psalm 34! Praying the Psalms brings such comfort in the midst of heartache. #scripture #broken #prayingthescriptures
This is an area I still struggle with. I get so distracted that I often forget to pray of even ask Him for help. Other times when I pray, I start, and then I get distracted---squirrel---! Have you ever felt that way? Anyway, this is definitely something I aspire to do!

So anyway, that's the end of my post! I hope you enjoyed it, and that I made you smile! Thank you if you read all the way through it! You guys make my day!


Heaven’s bounties raining down
The Holy Spirit, pouring out
The worthless vessels-- transformed from dust
Into treasured children, adopted sons.
Though hands and feet, crucified,
The love of God was magnified.
To show the price, His blood was shed
The spotless one has paid our debt.
Freed from the prison, shall I return?
Eagerly running to chains and dirt?
Forsaking the freedom, ignoring the cost
All to seek treasures easily lost.
 Redeemed saint, why do you sin?
Why does this body rebel once again?
Compelled to run from the God who has loved,
Not without cost, nor sparing His Son.
 What I despise, I am most prone
The sins I fight, I love the most,
Daily I battle the desire for more
I struggle, I doubt…I’ve been here before.
 Who will free me from this sin?
Thanks be to Christ Jesus once again!
He who won the battle once and for all
And gives me the strength daily—on Him I will call!