Monday, March 30, 2015

Thinks I Aspire To Do, But Have Never Actually Done

 Have you ever had a bunch of things you would like to do, but you never really get around to? Join the band wagon. This here, sister, is one thing I struggle with. I make all these resolutions to change, which never actually come to be a reality in my life. Why? Because I can't change on my own. I guess this is something I've been realizing lately, ya know? I am so incompetent of doing anything good in my life, then I get discouraged, depressed--call it what you like--instead of turning to the One who can actually CHANGE me. I'm learning that changing happens not when I hold onto my struggles, and try in vain to mold myself, but when I hand my struggles over to God, and cry out "HELP...!"
I seem to learn this lesson over and over, and over, and will continue to be taught this for the rest of my life! I still am struggling, falling...failing. Thanks be to Jesus, who is still there, picking me up, and taking me by the hand!
Anyway, here is a list of thing I would eventually like to do (They aren't all serious. Some are actually quite stupid, but I still want to do them sometime in my life... I guess you could call this a kind of bucket list. Pictures are from Pinterest (you know, that website you go on for hours with all those cool ideas, that you never get around to doing!) * insert a smiley emoticon, because I can't figure out how to do that, and don't want to take the time to figure it out*
 Please note, these are not in any sort of order, just whatever I feel like doing at the moment.

-Go on an Adventure
A whole website created for road trips.  You can enter your destination and city you are leaving from and find all kinds of stuff along the way.
I'm terrified of heights, despise spiders, and have an fear of mice, and insects...etc. Yup, I'm a city slicker. I guess the kind of adventure I have in mind is a road trip, or camping trip. Maybe through some hiking in the mix, and I'd be pumped! I guess you could say I'm kind of like a version of Bilbo Baggins (although not half as brave, witty, or really any of his characteristics except the cowardly part). But I would like to go on a slightly dangerous, but mostly safe adventure. (Is that even a thing?)

-Drink Coffee Black...and Enjoy it.

Cardamom Coffee - add cardamom pods to coffee in grinder for a unique spicy coffee
I think coffee is an acquired taste, thus, I have resolved (not really) to start drinking it more with less added sugar/milk. I had a cup today, and didn't add any sugar, and *drumroll* enjoyed it. It's working you guys!

-Be A Hermit For a Week.
Featured in Architectural Digest, this potbelly stove and built-in bed at a cabin hideaway in Montana seems like the perfect respite from the busy modern world.
Before you get freaked out, let me explain! I think it would be fun to go to the mountains and find a cozy cabin to spend the week in alone. I like being alone sometimes to think, and maybe to just be there, out of the hubbub and stress of normal, everyday life would be really refreshing. Pack a few books, Bible, and a couple movies...and walah! Dream land! =) Maybe not alone...that would be kind of scary. Maybe bring a person, and have them close by... can you tell I'm not very adventurous?

- Keep My Room Clean on a Regular Basis...

messy bedroom-8 Ways to De-Clutter Your House and Re-Master Your Life!
Ya'll, I'm a messy person who likes to be organized. (Why did I write Ya'll? I'm not Southern! Oh dear. That was my natural instinct...scary. No offense to Southern people.) It drives me crazy sometimes (the room, not writing like I'm Southern!) I need to get into the habit of cleaning up after myself, 'cause it's not gonna clean itself up on it's own!

#5 Get into the Habit of Praying Continuously

Scriptures for the Brokenhearted - if you or a loved one is struggling, pray Psalm 34! Praying the Psalms brings such comfort in the midst of heartache. #scripture #broken #prayingthescriptures
This is an area I still struggle with. I get so distracted that I often forget to pray of even ask Him for help. Other times when I pray, I start, and then I get distracted---squirrel---! Have you ever felt that way? Anyway, this is definitely something I aspire to do!

So anyway, that's the end of my post! I hope you enjoyed it, and that I made you smile! Thank you if you read all the way through it! You guys make my day!


Heaven’s bounties raining down
The Holy Spirit, pouring out
The worthless vessels-- transformed from dust
Into treasured children, adopted sons.
Though hands and feet, crucified,
The love of God was magnified.
To show the price, His blood was shed
The spotless one has paid our debt.
Freed from the prison, shall I return?
Eagerly running to chains and dirt?
Forsaking the freedom, ignoring the cost
All to seek treasures easily lost.
 Redeemed saint, why do you sin?
Why does this body rebel once again?
Compelled to run from the God who has loved,
Not without cost, nor sparing His Son.
 What I despise, I am most prone
The sins I fight, I love the most,
Daily I battle the desire for more
I struggle, I doubt…I’ve been here before.
 Who will free me from this sin?
Thanks be to Christ Jesus once again!
He who won the battle once and for all
And gives me the strength daily—on Him I will call!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Poem of Grace

Hey Ya'll! I've kind of stopped writing poems, but I had an idea for one, and I figured that since I haven't posted in a while, I might as well share it! It's definitely in need of some heavy duty editing, =) but I thought I'd share it anyway. Feeling like I have to measure up (to God's expectations, mine, and of course other people!) is something I definitely struggle with, and hopefully this poem will remind you (and me!) that our worth and identity is found solely in Jesus! Thanks for reading, and have a fabulous day!

Defined by Grace

Standing at the measuring stick
Dazed at just how tall it is
Expectation towers high
Scoffing at how hard I try

You know you’ll never measure up
Failure says “not good enough”
You’re falling when you need to fly
Hitting ground hard—why even try?

Distant hope fades to dread,
The waking sun goes back to bed.
Storm clouds roar inside me ear
I’m torn between trust and fear.

But He says:
“Your victories don’t define you!
Your failure is purchased and paid.
Your battles aren't graves that describe you!
You’re loved by a King who has saved!
Your identity is not in success,
Worth is not in what you hold
Your value springs forth from the price that was paid
To ransom your captured soul. “

Standing at the measuring stick
Dazed at just how tall it is
Expectations tower high
Scoffing at how hard I try

Jesus broke that measuring stick
My sin is exchanged with His holiness
My failure replaced with victory
The death He paid has ransomed me

 I trust in the One who saves
Who triumphs in my darkest day,
Teaching me to live as free,
A new creation, no longer me!

“Your victories don’t define you!
Your failure is purchased and paid.
Your battles aren't graves that describe you!
You’re loved by a King who has saved!
Your identity is not in success,
Worth is not in what you hold
Your value springs forth from the price that was paid
To ransom your captured soul. "

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Christmas Poem

One lonely night
A story began
The virgin gave birth
To God’s Holy Plan.

Look past the straw,
And into His face
The King of all kings
Is disguised as a babe.

Oh the mystery!
Why would God come down?
Be clothed in flesh and blood
Setting down His crown?
What caused Him to care?
Or walk this earth
To give hope to the sinners
To make us have worth?

History’s longing
Is finally here
The prophets foretelling
Has brought man great cheer

Angels rejoice
The world meet’s its King
Excitement is building
The shepherds go see

Oh the mystery!
Why would God come down?
Be clothed in flesh and blood
Setting down His crown?
What caused Him to care?
Or walk this earth
To give hope to a sinners
Or to make us have worth?

A star shone above
Pointing to Him:
The light to the lost
Found in their sin

A Light in the darkness
A gift from above
Giving us hope
That the Father still loved

Oh my history!
Why would God come down?
Be clothed in flesh and blood
Setting down His crown?
What caused Him to care?
Or look past myself
He showed love to a sinner
And gave the hopeless help.

But now when I think of Christmas
I think not of that night
It’s value in my heart
Has lost its worth over time

The excitement of His coming
The truth that was so near
Is lost in the holiday bustling
Inside I have a fear

Oh the mystery!
How could I forget?
The goodness of His love
The beauty of this Gift?
How I am ashamed
At the selfishness
Of looking past that sight
And to my Christmas list

Silent Night, the First Noel,
Sing not without thought
For today I will remember
The sacrifice, the lot

Of the baby King
Who was there before it began
Coming to save the world
Through a strange and beautiful plan

 Thanks for reading!
-Natalie =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Procrastination! Ekk!

Update! On this blog I'll be rotating every other week between writing poems, and also, attempting the "take a picture a day" challenge. I'll post one week's worth of photo's one week and a poem the next!

So I said I'm writing a poem a week because I want to improve. It's late because I have procrastinated on writing it and doing school (ahem, *cough cough*) Thus, I am commemorating this poem to my lifelong friend. Procrastination: Thanks for the memories of all-nighters, sleep deprivation, and despair of stressing.

The worst of enemies, best of friends
Whispers soothing lies
“Do it later! You know you can!”

Oh how I loathe his company
When time is ticking out
My stress brewing like coffee
While I sit there, stressing out!

 He’s a very loyal friend…
Until a deadline hits
Then he flees my company
And tells me “just deal with it.”

So today I’m going to tell him.
It’s time to say goodbye
But wait…how will I go on?
When he’s such a part of my life?

Dear Procrastination
Just leave my life! Goodbye.
Goodbye old foe of sleep!
You thought you were so sly!

But wait…I hear a noise.
I thought I was alone!
Procrastination’s angry for revenge
And has sent over his cousin—Postpone!

Ironically, I procrastinated while writing this. :) I hope I made you laugh, or snort, or chuckle a bit. Maybe I helped you to procrastinate on what you needed to be doing! I need to stop procrastinating on school-work, so.............................goodbye!








Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another Poem :)

Finally, I got around to writing another poem. I've decided I'm going to try to write a poem a week, because it's something I really enjoy and would like to get better at. Hopefully I won't bore you all!   Next week I'll write a funny one ;)
The storm swelled.

Thunder cracking, vibrating the land.

The sky darkened.

The wrath of God--his mighty hand.


Fulfilled the prophecies of old

To ransom the captured soul

By sending His precious Son

To bear the sin of the world.


Angles mourned,

Grieving the distress of their Maker.

Hands extended,

Creator nailed to His creation.


Beads of sweat pouring down

Searing cries of anguish

All for those who had the pride

To murder the God of Heaven


How can it be?

The rebel now claims

The right to be cleansed

And forgiven from shame?

Why did he come?

To be murdered, disgraced

And mocked by the ones

He came to save?


Water, blood.

A spear in His side

The King of Heaven

Is paying the price of my pride.


The promised One,

Son of the most-high God

Lowered into a hopeless grave

Buried under the sod


Oh for the tears of sorrow

Of those who loved Him most

Fleeing now in terror

Doubting the slightest hope.

Yet the grave had not power

Death not control

To bind the King of Heaven

Or to throw him off His throne


How can it be?

The rebel now claims

The right to be cleansed

And forgiven from shame?

Why did He care?

What love can this be?

This mighty king

Has given His life for me.


My sin has lost the battle

Defeated and utterly slain

Jesus of Nazareth—Son of God

Has conquered the sin that enslaved


Oh or the joy of the ransomed sinner

Whose burdened life--set free

May I ever live for Jesus

And serve the only King.
Thanks for reading!




Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Random Poem ;)

Can You redeem a life so broken?

Can You change a heart so hard?
Can You take a past so hopeless
And wash away the scars?
Will you give us hope in weary lands
and dry away the tears?
Pouring down sweet summer rains
In nomad lands of fear?
When the well runs dry and days are gray,
when we are captured, dragged away,
when light is blocked out of the sky
Will You take compassion at our plight?
Can You free a captive so enslaved?
Can You rescue sinners from the grave,
and strip away the masks that hide
the frightful truth—the shame that binds?
Yes when hope seemed lost,
when skies seemed gray,
did You even spare
Your son that day?
When He was sent down to our plight,
We so blind that we despised?
 And when we nailed Him to the tree
Did you look ahead to us and see
Our shameful, broken, hardened lives
Set on His shoulders—a searing sight
Did you see the sin that weighs me down?
And see the day that I’d be found?
You have redeemed a life so broken,
You have crushed the shame inside!
You have bridged the mighty gap
that kept me captive from Your side!
How now then could I doubt
The Arms still holding me?
I will choose to trust His love
For it is here that I find peace.
Thanks for reading! I've been trying to write more poems lately, and since I haven't posted on m blog in like a year, I figured this would be a good start in getting me back into the habit!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I scream, you cream!

Hello there!
This week, I've been doing some more experimenting in the kitchen (more like tasting, but hey, everything counts!) and I adapted a recipe I found off the internet. Hey, it's almost summer, and I know I love ice cream. I decided to make a "healthier version" of this scrumptious treat!
It was (I just ate it while downloading the pictures=) really good! I guess I should name it? How about Berry Delight? No, that sound kind of corny. Hmm...I'll have to think about it. =) Since it was a mix of berries, I think I'll go with Blue Srasberry Ripple. I like original=)...although corny original defeats the purpose...kind of. Never mind! 
Oh well, I had fun making it anyway! 
Here's a rough estimate of what I put it: (I never measure exactly, probably the culprit of all my cooking disasters.) 
Step 1:
1 cup of frozen berries--any kind! Blue, raspberry, black berry, or  strawberry!
1 tbs honey
1 1/2 teaspoons lime juice
Roughly a tbs of milk
A squirt of vanilla 
Step 2:
Blend 'till smooth and creamy in a food processor (about five minutes). 
Step 3:
Eat with joy! (like in those chocolate commercials on TV, except not as weirdly!) 

Another exciting announcement! Our cat had kittens! Yeah!

I think they're really cute! This was at a few days old... they've since opened their eyes and have gotten a lot cuter! Hannah says they aren't cute! The audacity! I would argue to differ! 

That's all for now!
-Natalie- =) =) =)