Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello, this is a random with caution=)

Hello! Yup, it's me again. I can't really think of just one thing to blog about, so be prepared for some major randomness!=) Well let’s see...nothing much has happened that's very interesting...hmmm. Ah yes, the toilet overflow...I guess you could call that interesting (but more like gross. )I was out in the kitchen when it happened. My brother was gone on a play date with a friend, and my parents were out on a walk. I was checking e-mail, when all of a sudden, I hear Hannah in the bathroom yelling for help. I walked to the bathroom to see what’s going on, and Hannah starts screaming, "The toilet! The toilet! It's overflowing! Help!" Hannah opened the door, and it was a sight! Water was gushing out of the toilet at a fast rate, like a small waterfall and Hannah was jumping up and down, and trying to figure out how to turn the water off. It was kind of hilarious, in an ironic sort of way. Thankfully, my mom had showed me how to turn the water off to a toilet, and I quickly did so...or so I thought! I accidentally turned it the wrong way, and even more water gushed out! I finally figured out how to turn it off. After I did this, I quickly ran though the inches of water that had collected on the floor and ran to go grab the camera (I love taking memorable funny pictures!) sadly though, I never got a chance, because just then, the doorbell rang, and I set down the camera to answer the door. It was my parents. They weren’t too happy about the situation with the toilet, but everything worked out! I’m kind-of upset about it, though. I never got a picture! Wouldn't it have been hilarious though?
Okay, random story, I know. That was about the only extremely exciting thing that has happened to our family! We have gone to the k-state rec-center a few times this week, and that has been a blast! Two times we went with friends to play volleyball, and the other was to play wally ball as a family. (for those of you who don't know what wally ball is, its basically volleyball in a racquet ball court, and you use the walls to ricochet the ball of of, and on to the other people's side.) Hopefully by next year I will have setting down, and will be able to make the ball go where I want it to go! LOL!
I decided on Sunday to fill out an application for a camp called cyia (Christian youth in action) and hopefully, it will be accepted! Hopefully,  I can send it out by Wednesday!
Okay, it's getting late, so I should probably get to bed! Sorry for the extreme randomness. I hope someday, you will fully recover from it!=)

Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi! Yes, We're back from vacation (okay, not really vacation because we had to do school....=( )  Finally. For those of you who don't know, we've been in Arizona for a couple of weeks. We stayed in a 900 square foot house, and by the end of the time, I was getting pretty homesick. I slept on the couch, my sister, on the floor on a mattress, and my brother on a air mattress. It was pretty tight! It felt like we were living on top of each other... But during the end of the trip, I began to realize how blessed we were to even have a place to stay. While we were traveling, we saw lots of people who lived in makeshift homes that looked like something we could have built in a day. We also saw people, pushing shopping carts full of their only possessions. It was really sad, and I began to realize how much I take for granted. Food, cloths, a roof over our heads. I go by every day, not even thinking about how blessed I am, I feel  entitled to it. I guess it was different not just hearing how we are blessed, but seeing it first hand, and what other people go through to survive. Another thing that was different about living there was there were lots of Spanish speaking people (most likely because we were 60 miles from the boarder) and Spanish stores/restaurants. One grocery store we went in had lots of Mexican items (tortillas, fried things rice etc...) and the signs were almost all in Spanish. Hannah and I were trying to decipher the signs, but due to only one year of Spanish, and one year of forgetting half of it, we never figured them out.=) My favorite part of the trip was either hiking, or going horseback riding on some was really cool! Anyway, the trip was interesting...and fun. The desert was...well, very desolate and cactusey (is that even a word???)  and I don't think I would want to live there. I'm more of a home body! I'm so blessed to live where we are, and to have so many great friends. =)

Monday, January 14, 2013

12 things to do on a day where your snowed in, and have finished school.
Ask  your mom if she has any books you would like (reading is always a great way to spend time!) and curl up in bed and read!
Clean or organize a space in your room…it may not be very fun, but it’s a good way to spend time.
Create a game and play it with your younger siblings. (they always love it when you play with them!)
Help your mom bake  something for dinner(my mom always loves extra help in the kitchen…and It’s fun!)
Write an encouraging  note to someone you’ve been thinking about. I personally love getting notes, and it lets people you are thinking about them.
Pull a game out of the game drawer, and find someone to play with you.
  Have a photo shoot, and take pictures  of a sibling in your favorite room. Cloudy days can be perfect lighting for a great photo!
Decorate a notebook for school.
Doodle a toooon!
Look on pinterest for  a fun idea for a craft. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for  gifts, crafts, you name it!!!!!
Bake  a fun snack and give some to the neighbors.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For those of you who have not met my family, they are extremely competitive, loud, playful, and rather spontaneous at times.=) Starting off, there is my dad. He is an extremely hardworking man, who works hard to provide for us. Although he is busy working two jobs, he always makes time to play with us. Whether it's fishing, baking with my sister, photography with me, air soft gun wars, botchy ball down the hallway, or running all over the house, screaming loudly with my brother while playing nerf gun wars, he always finds time out of the day to spend time with our family. Next, there is my mom, an amazing woman. As many of you know, she homeschools all of us kids, which takes up the majority of her time. She also teaches a boy's writing class for my younger brother and his friends, and a Christian worldview class for Hannah, I, and a few other girls our age. As if that wasn't enough, she is also organizing a recovery ministry at our church, and although she is busy, she makes time with us a priority. Next is my older sister, Hannah. Hannah is a bubbly, bouncy young lady, who strives to honor God in her relationships, and school. One of her many gifts is encouragement, which she has used on many occasions to build up her friends, and always brightens everyone's day.  One of her favorite hobbies is baking, which she is excellent at. Whether it's freshly baked rolls, soft pretzels, bagels, cinnamon rolls,  or delicious experimental soups, she always enjoys blessing her family, and friends. She also is musically gifted, and enjoys playing piano.  Lastly, there is my little brother, How do I describe him to you? He is a ball of energy. He enjoys playing football, watching it, playing with lego's, running around outside, shooting his airsoft gun, and annoying his sisters. Another thing about him is that he is always making some sound, usually some sound effect to something he is doing ( like walking, playing with his lego's, etc) which drives us all crazy sometimes, but  he always knows how to make us laugh.