Monday, March 11, 2013

The Alarm Clock...A Thing That Should NEVER Have Been Invented.

First of all, I want you all to know that I'm dedicating this blog post to my alarm clock, the object in my life that has faithfully and repeatedly awakened me from blissful sleep with it's ear screeching siren, and traumatized me forever. First of all, in my mind, alarm clocks are the most disturbing inventions in the world. Why, you say? Because for years, they have traumatized humans anywhere from toddlers to adults. Imagine, (okay don’t. I know you can identify) that you're sleeping peacefully, and all of a sudden, an ear defining siren screams from behind you. I ask you this question: Is this a humane way to awaken? OF COURSE NOT! I suggest that instead of traumatizing humans with its ear piercing blare, we should invent a peaceful way to awaken humans from their sleep. I can almost imagine how the alarm clock smirks before turning on its sirin, knowing it will scare me half to death. This outrage must be stopped! Perhaps we could create a better way to wake up in the morning? Music? Anything! Will anyone save us from this tireless burden, or will we be forced to surrender our morning routine to this villainous, and cruel awakener?

Monday, March 4, 2013

When I try to bake... it all goes down hill from there.=)

Hi there! Have I already told everyone on this blog I'm not good at cooking?=) Since nothing way out of the ordanary has happended lately, I thought I could tell you about some of my more recent baking fails.=)
Okay, this valentines day, I thought it would be fun to bake some of my friends bakefired.MAJORLY.
 Okay, so first I decided I wanted to make chocolate cupcakes (my favorite!) Beacause, you know, chocolate is the most AWESOME desert in the world ever invented. I also decided I wanted to try an idea on pinterest where you stick a marble inbetween the cupcake pan, and cupcake holder, and it makes kind-of a heart shape because the cupcake holder is indented because of the marble...that probobly didn't make sence. I'll see if I can find a pictue...ah ha! here:

Heart cupcake liners

So anyway, I decided it would be really cool to try it, and put pink swirly frosting on the top, and sprikles! Problem 1: I didn't know where the marbles were, so Blaize hunted them down.
Problem 2: I didn't get all the ingredients out, and half way through baking them I relized I didn't have butter or vinilla.
Problem 3:We had no cupcake holders.
Problem 4: We had no milk or creamcheese to make frosting with...whoops.
Problem 5: The batter was really soupy.
So anyway, I worked through problem one by having Blaize go find them!=) (I told him he could have a cupcake if he did.=) Problem 2 was a bit harder, I used oil insted of butter and didn't use vinilla at all!
Problem three...yeah, the idea didn't work out too well. I ended up finding mini cupcake holders and the marbles were kind of oversized. I ended up pouring too much batter in, and when they baked they overflowed! Now I had these discusting looking cupcakes, and no frosting.
For the frosting end of it, I found left-over's from another batch, and used that. Then I added sourcream and powdered sugar...and that worked okay...
Okay, back to the cupcake end of it...I just sprayed regular sized cupcake holders with cooking spray, and it ended up okay, except that I added too much flour to the batter ('cause it was soupy.)
So they tured out being dry cupcakes with interesting tasting frosting...Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?