Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Procrastination! Ekk!

Update! On this blog I'll be rotating every other week between writing poems, and also, attempting the "take a picture a day" challenge. I'll post one week's worth of photo's one week and a poem the next!

So I said I'm writing a poem a week because I want to improve. It's late because I have procrastinated on writing it and doing school (ahem, *cough cough*) Thus, I am commemorating this poem to my lifelong friend. Procrastination: Thanks for the memories of all-nighters, sleep deprivation, and despair of stressing.

The worst of enemies, best of friends
Whispers soothing lies
“Do it later! You know you can!”

Oh how I loathe his company
When time is ticking out
My stress brewing like coffee
While I sit there, stressing out!

 He’s a very loyal friend…
Until a deadline hits
Then he flees my company
And tells me “just deal with it.”

So today I’m going to tell him.
It’s time to say goodbye
But wait…how will I go on?
When he’s such a part of my life?

Dear Procrastination
Just leave my life! Goodbye.
Goodbye old foe of sleep!
You thought you were so sly!

But wait…I hear a noise.
I thought I was alone!
Procrastination’s angry for revenge
And has sent over his cousin—Postpone!

Ironically, I procrastinated while writing this. :) I hope I made you laugh, or snort, or chuckle a bit. Maybe I helped you to procrastinate on what you needed to be doing! I need to stop procrastinating on school-work, so.............................goodbye!








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