Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Random Poem ;)

Can You redeem a life so broken?

Can You change a heart so hard?
Can You take a past so hopeless
And wash away the scars?
Will you give us hope in weary lands
and dry away the tears?
Pouring down sweet summer rains
In nomad lands of fear?
When the well runs dry and days are gray,
when we are captured, dragged away,
when light is blocked out of the sky
Will You take compassion at our plight?
Can You free a captive so enslaved?
Can You rescue sinners from the grave,
and strip away the masks that hide
the frightful truth—the shame that binds?
Yes when hope seemed lost,
when skies seemed gray,
did You even spare
Your son that day?
When He was sent down to our plight,
We so blind that we despised?
 And when we nailed Him to the tree
Did you look ahead to us and see
Our shameful, broken, hardened lives
Set on His shoulders—a searing sight
Did you see the sin that weighs me down?
And see the day that I’d be found?
You have redeemed a life so broken,
You have crushed the shame inside!
You have bridged the mighty gap
that kept me captive from Your side!
How now then could I doubt
The Arms still holding me?
I will choose to trust His love
For it is here that I find peace.
Thanks for reading! I've been trying to write more poems lately, and since I haven't posted on m blog in like a year, I figured this would be a good start in getting me back into the habit!


  1. I love it Natalie, I can't wait for more! I bet you could make this into a beautiful song...

  2. Natalie, this is beautiful. You are so much more artistic and talented then you ever give yourself credit for!! Please write more! :D